9 Lessons Learned from 9 Years of Marriage

9 Lessons Learned from 9 Years of Marriage

Hi family!

We celebrated our 9th year wedding anniversary this month and we just want to share 9 photos and 9 lessons we learned from being happily married.

1. Embrace Your Differences
• Belle and I are opposites in many ways—she’s precise and calculated, while I’m carefree and fun-loving. Over the years, I’ve learned that our differences complement each other, creating a balanced partnership. Embracing these differences has strengthened our bond and enriched our relationship.

2. Prioritise Communication
• Open and honest communication has been key in our marriage. We’ve learned to express our feelings, needs, and concerns without judgment. This has helped us navigate conflicts, understand each other’s perspectives, and grow closer as a couple.

3. Loyalty and Commitment are Paramount
• Loyalty and commitment are the cornerstones of our marriage. We’ve remained devoted to each other through thick and thin, always choosing to stand by one another. This unwavering commitment has fostered a deep sense of trust and security in our relationship.

4. Be a Team
• We’ve learned the importance of working as a team. Whether it’s making important decisions, handling household responsibilities, or supporting each other’s dreams, we approach everything with a team mentality. This has made our partnership strong and resilient.

5. Choose Each Other Every Day
• Marriage is about making a daily choice to prioritize your partner and your relationship. Despite our busy lives, we make a conscious effort to spend quality time together, show appreciation, and reaffirm our love and commitment to one another.

6. Balance Fun and Responsibility
• While I bring spontaneity and fun into our lives, Belle brings structure and careful planning. We’ve learned to balance these aspects, ensuring that we enjoy life while staying responsible and focused on our goals.

7. Support Each Other’s Growth
• Supporting each other’s personal growth has been vital. We’ve encouraged one another to pursue our passions and develop new skills. This mutual support has helped us grow individually and as a couple, strengthening our bond.

8. Handle Conflicts with Respect
• Disagreements are inevitable, but we’ve learned to handle conflicts with respect and understanding. Instead of arguing, we listen to each other, acknowledge our differences, and find common ground. This respectful approach has helped us resolve issues amicably.

9. Always Prioritise Family
• Our marriage and family come first, no matter what. We’ve made it a point to prioritize our relationship and our family over everything else. This commitment has created a stable, loving environment for us and our loved ones, reinforcing the importance of our bond.


Marriage is a journey filled with ups and downs, but by embracing our differences, communicating openly, and prioritizing our relationship, Belle and I have built a strong, loving partnership. These nine lessons have guided us through the past nine years, and I’m grateful for every moment we’ve shared.

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